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2020 GMC Terrain AWD SUV


2021 GMC Terrain

Terrain Full Review

GMC has always been a reliable, and hard-working brand. Many see it as the consumer’s brand, the people’s champ if you will. Great vehicles for enjoyable travel, comfortable cruising, and not shy of a hard day’s work either. Not spending a lot of time in Luxury or Sports classes, preferring instead, to focus on quality strength and reliability to the more every day of tasks and trips.

This year 2021 GMC Terrain is no different and manages to impress longtime fans with a really well-rounded performance. It’s not leading the pack in every category, but it makes strong statements all around.

As far as anything goes in the SUV or Crossover classes, the Terrain boasts a very strong and upscale interior. It has a spacious and thoughtful cabin all touched up with very high-quality materials. It has a cozy and lively feel to it’s inside. This GMC model offers a more posh interior than most in the class, lavish leather upholstery, hi-tech seating amenities, and plenty of comfortable space. It does however sacrifice a small bit of rear visibility.

The Terrain doesn’t just look smooth from the inside, it rides smoothly on the outside. It carries itself in a soft and comfortable way, handling well and it outfitted with efficient and impressive braking systems. The engine capabilities, while not exciting or something that blows the competition out of the water is a decent fit and average for the class. It has a smooth turbo-charged V6 engine with anywhere (depending on the edition) from

137 to 252 horsepower. Something that not necessarily places it in the lead of the pack, but keeps in competitive in the Crossover class.

It is a punchy, maneuverable, and efficient choice for all fans of the GMC family. It does have some of the best fuel economy returns in the class, a strong 21-28 mpg in the city, and a stronger, superb early return estimate of 26-39 mpg on the highway. Now that’s a statement worth writing home about.

Overall the GMC Terrain is an affordable, efficient, and very well rounded entry to the class, scoring only slightly above the class average of

$25,000 base price. It also has a strong set of safety features often noted in GMC SUVs. It has received a decent, but underwhelming 3.5/5 General Reliability score from J.D. Power, and a shining 5/5 star rating from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. Both solid and impressive scores making this entry a strong competitor and worth consideration.

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GMC Terrain FAQ:

Which models of the GMC Terrain are available for lease at Carciergeworldwide Lease?

There are 4 models of the GMC Terrain available for lease in New York’s Carciergeworldwide Lease:

SL, SLE, SLT, Denali

What engine comes in the 2021 Terrain?

  • The Terrain SL model comes with a 170 HP engine and Front Wheel Drive
  • The Terrain SLE model comes with a 170 HP engine and FWD or AWD
  • The Terrain SLT model comes standard with a 170 HP engine or can be upgraded to a more powerful 252 HP turbo engine with FWD or AWD
  • The Terrain Denali is the highest-end model with a 252 HP turbo engine with All Wheel Drive.

How much cargo space does the Terrain have?

The Terrain has 29.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seats, and when the back seats are folded cargo space expands to 63.3 cubic feet.

Is the GMC Terrain fuel efficient?

Most trims of the GMC Terrain can get about 26 MPG in the city and about 30 MPG on the highway but the two larger engines get slightly less.

How safe is the GMC Terrain?

The 2021 Terrain is one of the safest crossover SUVs on the market and was rated with a perfect 5-star rating by the NHTSA. It has additional safety technology like Automatic Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Keep Assistance with Lane Departure Warning, & Front Pedestrian Braking.

How much can the GMC Terrain tow?

The towing capacity is calculated to be 3.5k pounds.


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